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Thread: Door Knocking

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    sophia Guest

    Default Door Knocking

    Solo's haunting post made me think of DOOR KNOCKING

    How many of you have had someone knock on your door and go to the door and no one is there??

    Is this spirit knocking to say ..."Hey I am here"

    Is it an unwanted spirit who needs permission to enter yoru home..?

    What are your beleifs...

    do you say Come IN or do you just laugh ?

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    Great post Sophia! I have always wondered about this too! Many times have i heard knocking on the door and even visualized it opening when i go to check no one is there the opening of the door kinda freaked me out at times but i figured it might be the spirit saying i should be more aware of my surroundings and stuff!

    I have had spirit energy in this house!! Just haven't figured out who was thinking of having someone dowse the house!! I'll have to pay more attention next time!

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    Interesting question, Sophia. I can't recall ever having a knock at the door and no one is there.

    However, I often hear the front security gate (keeps solicitors away from the front door, and is usually locked) open and scrape like it always does.... and then no one comes in!

    I'll hear it in the evening between 10 and midnight most often, and on weekend afternoons. Only a very few people have the key to the gate, just my sons and their partners, so it never frightens me as I know it can't be a stranger trying to sneak inside.

    But sometimes I'll go to the kitchen to welcome my visitor... and there's no one! I'll check the front porch and find the porch empty and the gate locked.

    I've never really thought to wonder who it might be lol. Maybe the next time I hear it, I'll think to meditate on that question.

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    I have been awakened to a door bell that sounds like the one I had at previous house. I don't have a door bell here. I try to remember what I was dreaming & I turn on the TV to see if anything catches my eye. Many times I find something on TV that I probably would never have seen & it is something I am delighted to have been shown.

    Sometimes it is a knocking on my bedroom window, but there is always a message from it.

    Oh yeah, my firealarms help me out too. I know it sounds crazy but I have one in almost every room. I have had an alarm go off when I was looking for something before, & as you guessed it was in the room where the alarm beeped one time. One time I was reading something & one beeped 3 times. It happened when I was reading the angel news letter I get from CathyO.
    Love, Light & Blessings,

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    sophia Guest


    I usd to laugh and just say 'Come In'

    then i realized i was having to many attacks from unseen things and realized I had invited them in now never ever say it..

    I now say if you were allowed in past the shields because your energy i s light you would have been able to come in.. or I say simply

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    I wear an energy that does not allow anyone in..........from the other side, that is.
    Doors have opened, the gate has rattled.........and I just fix a solid stare at the place. Sometimes I get goosebumps, sometimes a chill, but most times, I let it ride, it is a "knowing" I think, that exists.
    I have seen the Darkness, and I have shared the Light. And through me must all things come.

    gee, I sometimes wonder where these little quotes come from.

    Papa Bear

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    Yes I have had this twice!!! Loud knocking on door but noone there.
    Hubby told me to go back to sleep that I was dreaming.

    It was 3am.

    I have been told it was spirit trying to get my attention.

    In Ireland they say it sign of a death (this scared the hell out of me!!) but noone died soon after.

    kind Regards

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    Its a sign of "pay attention" , Opportunities are coming and you must "answer the door" to accept them.
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    Hi Pagan, I think this is the first time we aren't on the same page.

    I through my dreams/OBE's have been shown that when someone comes calling they must be allowed or called into your home. Like a cheque and balance kind off. And from what I've experienced this is there for the reason of protection. If you hear a knock I'd say the reason you're hearing it is because this energy has been denied access to your home and they are trying the next best thing to get your attention.

    And I have to say, If my oversoul has denied the energy access, I for one wouldn't go against it.

    I'm not sure we're talking about the samething, I think you maybe talking about a dream symbol maybe?
    Love is the key

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    Sorry Pagan, I can now see you were responding to the last post.
    Love is the key

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